“Only Floss The Teeth You Want To Keep.”

by Dr. Max Zaslavsky

The “Not So” New Way to Replace Missing Teeth

One of the reasons I became a dentist was because of what I saw my dad had gone through with his dental problems. You see my dad had me at an older age in his life, 52, to be exact; and he came from a generation where he didn’t know about fluoride, flossing, or even brushing your teeth. In fact, and I think we can all relate to this, when he was a good boy, he would get a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie from his mother. Fast forward to when I was getting Bar Mitzvah’d, and my dad was now 65, he had almost none of his teeth left in his mouth. He didn’t even smile for my big event (but I know he wanted to) because his new denture didn’t even fit properly.

The Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

My Dad and I in the clinic after I delivered his dentures (my first denture.)

In this day and age of information via T.V. and the internet, there truly is no reason other than trauma that someone should lose any amount of teeth. Trust me when I say this, ”Nothing will ever be as good as what God or Mother Nature has given you!” Or in other words, only floss the teeth you want to keep. And you want to keep your teeth, because once you lose even just one tooth, your other teeth begin to drift and become displaced.

 With that said, we still have a variety of ways to replace single to multiple missing teeth. For some of us it’s a bridge, for others it may be a partial/full denture, but optimally what I always give as a premiere option to my patients is the dental implant. An implant, in layman’s terms, is a glorified Home Depot screw placed into the bone, and allowed to heal for about 6-8 weeks. Once healed, and assimilated into the bone, we then cement an artificial tooth on top of the implant called a crown….and that’s it. It looks and feels like a tooth. Sounds simple, right? Not really.

What you should know is to do your research and ask questions. There are over 100 companies that make dental implants. They are not all created equal…. and neither is the surgeon placing them. If an ad sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Great implants for $499 do not exist. It’s right up there with the Tooth Fairy and Santa (sorry kids).

Find out where your surgeon received his or her education.

  1. Did he or she take a weekend course at an institute?
  2. How many implants has that surgeon placed of that particular system?
  3. Is he or she board certified?
  4. Is he or she a specialist in the field?
  5. What implant company does he or she use? And finally, what is their success rate? Those answers make all the difference on how you should choose who does a surgery in your mouth. And yes….it is a surgery.

When I entered Nova Southeastern Dental School clinic in 2000, my dad became my first patient ever. I got to make what would be his final denture. Although he was proud of me for what I had accomplished, and what I did for his mouth, for me it was bittersweet. Knowing what I knew, I felt if somehow I could have changed the hands of time, could he had gotten implants, or more importantly could I had saved his teeth. So for those of you out there, who are nice enough to read this article until the very end, see your dental hygienist on a regular basis and FLOSS! For those of you missing one or more teeth, really take time with your dentist to evaluate your options- implants or otherwise.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky is a dentist in Fort Lauderdale. His office accepts emergencies and is equipped with the latest technology to provide a better patient experience. When Dr. Max is not working with patients, or continuing his professional development, he enjoys watching a Marlins game, going to the gym and attending live music events in the South Florida area.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky – who has written posts on Dentist Fort Lauderdale FL – Dr. Max Zaslavsky, DMD.

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