The Nine Common Dental Procedures

by Dr. Max Zaslavsky

Dental care concentrates on treatment and prevention of mouth, teeth and gum problems and oral disease. Part of it also aims at enhancing the look of an individual’s gums and person’s teeth. Listed below are some of the more common dental procedures practiced today by a dentist.

Dental Treatment Fort Lauderdale1. Root canal treatment is a procedure to take care of problems of the dental pulp. Dental pulp corruption is usually due to tooth decay and cavities that directly affects the nerve of a tooth causing severe pain. The manifestation of this damage can be in the form hypersensitivity when drinking cold fluids, facial swelling and toothache while biting down or chewing. If left untreated, the disease of the dental pulp may weaken the bone making it unable to hold the tooth properly. A person in need of root canal treatment should select a dentist who has vast experience in tackling this problem.Teeth Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

2. Dental cleaning is an essential part of dental care that needs to be done twice a year, specifically, every 6 months. As the name suggests, this procedure is all about teeth cleaning to prevent the rise cavities, tooth decay among many types of dental issues.

Dental Implants Fort Lauderdale FL

3.Dental Implants can have more advantages for the patient than dentures. One advantage worth mentioning is that they can be used as replacement for or more lost teeth. Dental implants make chewing food a lot easier, props up the surrounding teeth and enhance your looks.

4. Dentures come in three types: The first called partial dentures close the gap between a missing tooth/ teeth. Conventional dentures are installed a one or two months after the extraction of a patient’s whole set of teeth. Immediate dentures are installed in the mouth of the patient fit as soon as his/her are removed.

Tooth Extraction Ft Lauderdale5. Extractions are necessary when a tooth is beyond repair. This procedure is often done when a patient has a broken tooth or tooth decay and repairing it is not anymore viable.

Crown Work Fort Lauderdale6. Crowns are applied to the tooth if the latter has a part that is decayed or broken. Crowns can be made with gold or porcelain. Crowns are more durable and strong than normal teeth.

Dental Bridge7. Bridges are used as replacement for a missing tooth. A missing tooth distorts a person’s and it can give rise to periodontal disease and tooth decay.

8. Periodontal Therapy is the treatment of gum disease. Treatment of gum disease is much more effective if the disease is diagnosed early. Gum health can be addressed and restored with periodontal treatment that does not involve surgery. Some noted periodontal treatments are root planing and scaling.

Teeth Whitening Fort Lauderdale FL9. Teeth whitening procedures offered today are whitening procedures done in the dentist office and teeth whitening kits that can be used at home.

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