“I hate you…Well not you, but I hate the dentist.”

by Dr. Max Zaslavsky

Cavities and Cheesecake

Yes, cheesecake is a matter of upkeep. I need a reason to work out, and cheesecake on Saturday reminds me to go to the gym on Monday. ~ Dr. MaxAny patient who walks in never wants the bad news that he or she has cavities. People in general hate going to the dentist. The conversation usually goes to the effect of “I hate you…well not you, but I hate the dentist.” And you know, after you hear that enough times, you begin to understand why my profession has the highest suicide rate.

I don’t go to the Cheesecake Factory complaining on how the cheesecake will make me fat. I accept that cheesecake, just like going to the dentist is a matter of personal upkeep. Yes, cheesecake is a matter of upkeep. I need a reason to work out, and cheesecake on Saturday reminds me to go to the gym on Monday.

But cavities happen. How and why are for various reasons. Sugar, smoking, not flossing, excessive soda drinking, too much acid, the list goes on and on. Here at our Fort Lauderdale dental office, we work as a team with you to figure out why you are developing cavities and try to curb certain habits.

Although most people will come in blaming genetics, saying, “well my dad had bad teeth,” or something of the sort, the reality is for 90% it is lifestyle. If you are not flossing, if you are eating poorly, and especially if you are smoking, your teeth will feel the effects.

I can’t make you stop smoking, but we here in the office can hopefully influence you to start flossing, or using a prescription strength toothpaste. Something that will prevent further decay, or arrest the cavity from growing further until it can be treated. In our office alone, we have a plethora of different gels, pastes, and fancy electronic toothbrushes that are suggested on a case by case basis to help you as a patient better your oral hygiene.

Restoration of Cavities

In this day and age cavities can be restored in various methods. Although silver fillings are still performed, I personally have not done one in years. Generally we are able to restore teeth with white composite fillings. Sometimes if the cavity is greater than 2/3 of the tooth, I would recommend something with more integrity like a crown. But for the sake of this article, let’s just say you need a filling.

Tooth Filling Fort Lauderdale FL

Yes you will get numb to fill the cavity. I have a few patients who have told me their previous filling experience has been with dentists who used no anesthetic. That’s crazy! I always numb. My assistant can even tell you, if you feel ANYTHING, we stop to give you more anesthetic.

Once the decay is completely removed from the tooth, I generally place a layer of fluoride to help desensitize the tooth. This helps in preventing patients who may feel some cold sensations once the filling is complete. We then restore using a bonding agent, and multiple layers of white composite material. The material is in small increments to maximize the adhesiveness of the material to the tooth, and for the best esthetics possible.

Cavitiy Filling

There that’s it! You leave with a filling that looks and feels like what god gave you (but nothing is ever as good as what you were born with)! You will be numb for a little while longer after the filling, but it goes away and your crazy hectic life goes back to where it was before- still crazy.

Remember, the best dentistry is prevention. But if you need to get work done, feel confident in knowing that we here at my office are here for you to do the best work possible. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the participation, but after the needle and drills sounds are over, you have a great filling you can go eat some cheesecake with.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky is a dentist in Fort Lauderdale. His office accepts emergencies and is equipped with the latest technology to provide a better patient experience. When Dr. Max is not working with patients, or continuing his professional development, he enjoys watching a Marlins game, going to the gym and attending live music events in the South Florida area.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky – who has written posts on Dentist Fort Lauderdale FL – Dr. Max Zaslavsky, DMD.

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