The Duties of an Oakland Park Dentist and his Dental Staff

Dentists need to do a good amount of daily tasks and they often hire staff to help complete these tasks.  The office of this Oakland Park dentist must organize the flow of our patients through record keeping and phone calls. Keeping records by paper are still quite popular but now the trend is to transfer records and files into digital and electronic bytes.  The dental industry is slowly going digital and dental technology is also evolving in a fast pace.

Dentists possess a variety of tools that are used for many kinds of dental procedures.  In order to ensure the smooth grouping of these technologies, aides (dental hygienists and dental assistants) are employed by this dentist in Oakland Park, FL. From basic metal picks, brushes and electric drills to x-ray machines, these gadgets must be organized and accounted for in the most efficient way possible.  For a dentist, each patient is very important and both the patient’s and dentist’s time need to be spent wisely and efficiently.

The dental staff is indispensable to our dentist since it allows him to give time to other more important matters in the office.  These important matters are the care of his patient’s gum and teeth health.  Whereas the assistants and hygienists can do various duties for teeth maintenance, which includes cleaning, the dentist can concentrate on the diagnosis and treatment/repair of damaged teeth.

Dental filling is one of the most common of dental procedures.  It is used to fill in a cavity, which is a hole that has developed in the tooth enamel.  Different materials can be used as filling for cavities and it is the discretion of the Oakland Park dentist as to which material is best for the patient’s problem.  Root canals are also done by dentists.  This involves, taking out the swollen, infected or inflamed pulp inside a tooth.  Most patients are scared of this procedure since it is highly invasive and can often be painful.  Yet, in the end the root canal procedure can greatly lessen the sensation of pain because it takes out the irritated nerve from the tooth.

Reading X-rays and molds of teeth are also important tasks of the dentist and through these techniques, the dentist in Oakland Park can effectively formulate diagnoses and use the best method to treat the patient’s problem. Using different approaches, the dentist gathers health data regarding each individual’s mouth. These data are still kept on paper and archived.  Now data is being digitized and kept electronically which make cross referencing with other records much, much faster.

With the help of his staff and the latest technology available, this Oakland Park dentist can fulfill many tasks all at once and effectively and satisfactorily treat a patient’s dental problem.  As technology keeps on advancing, the ways and means to proper dental care will also evolve and become more efficient, less fearful and enjoyable.

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