“Why I Open on Saturday…”

Fort Lauderdale Dentist Open on Saturday

For my patients and those who know me, I work a lot. As much as I say I will work less, and “enjoy life,” I work a lot. I work 2-4 Saturdays a month. Sometimes I will even work Sundays.

I know it’s crazy. How can a dentist work so much and so often? To a degree it even wears me down, but there is a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

So here’s the deal… It all began 5 1/2 years ago when I first bought my office. I didn’t have much of a patient base, and me and my team knew we had to make something work. To have the “dental ego” of not working weekends would be a Mike Tyson blow to the office. The reality is most people work during the week and when people have a toothache, they delay it as much as anyone else until it becomes unbearable. We all hope a pain or an ache will go away, but we all know better that- it just won’t. This is where I come in.

When you have a pain on a Saturday, and sometimes a Sunday, I will be there. I will be there to fill, extract or just get you out of pain, because that is what I was trained to do. I am there to crown your tooth when you break it on a nut bar. Furthermore, it is usually me. Yes, the guy with the name on sign is the guy who will treat you (for the most part).

Occasionally, yes, I will have an associate here and there, but it has to be someone I would trust in my own mouth. At the end of the day, it is me doing the work, and fixing the initial problems along with some of the problems that could occur post-op.

I realize dentists are not the most beloved people in the world. I am told daily, “I hate you… well not you, but what you do.” By the way, I don’t go to Cheesecake Factory and tell the waiter I hate YOU and what cheesecake does to my tummy, but somehow it’s OK with my profession. But look, I am here to get you eating, smiling and out of discomfort.

My parents worked weekends. I work weekends. I enjoy life as much as I can, but my child is my office. I remember my dad carrying rolls of carpeting over his shoulder along with his crew to deliver to homes to be installed on any day of the week to “make it work.” I remember my mom in the carpet store selling Oriental and Persian rugs on any given day, because that’s what we needed to do in order make a living in Brooklyn. It stunk to not see my parents as much as I would like, but they also provided me with a superior education that led me into this field. I think it stunk more because I am an only child and I had no siblings to play with, but I will save that discussion for my therapist. They instilled a work ethic and drive that I utilize in my office today. They also told me not get into the floor covering business, and obviously I listened.

Patients in pain know I will work through lunch and sometimes until 7pm to get a person comfortable. Patients know I may be open on Saturday until 1pm, but I have been there until 4 or 5. Patients know that I have come in on Sundays drenched in sweat from my workout to take a tooth out so they wouldn’t be in tears anymore. My staff knows that too. We have a heart. We care. It’s part of my profession and it’s part of what medicine was and should be. Once upon a time, the doctor made house calls and carried a black or brown bag to treat someone who could not make it to the office. As our materials and technology have expanded, we can’t do that anymore, but at least I can be accessible to you to make your life easier.

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