Great Dental Tips to Heed from the Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

by Dr. Max Zaslavsky

Here are some tips to enjoy great dental health.

  1. Avoid cracks and chips – Tooth cracks during the course of time do become large enough allowing bacteria to cause infection in the nerve roots and tooth decay.  To help prevent this from occurring, do not crack things with your teeth, bite on threads, chew your pencils and pens, rip crisp packets with your teeth, bite your fingernail or crush ice cubes with your teeth.
  2. Take your child to the dentist for his or her first ever checkup even as early as six months to make him or her get used to the dentist.  The more exposure the child has with the dentist, the more relaxed the child will be with the dentist later in life.
  3. Ibuprofen is considered the best type of analgesic for toothache.  It is an over the counter drug available at all local pharmacies. This drug acts to reduce pain and inflammation but is only meant to be a temporary short term form of pain relief.  The necessity to take this drug for your toothache means you need to see the dentist urgently.  Before taking any medications, READ the label first or consult with the pharmacist to be quite certain if the drug is safe and good for you.
  4. If a family member or you are taking prescription drugs, you or your family member may experience dry mouth, which is a common side effect of prescription drugs.  For older patients, this side effect may be more problematic.  If this happens to you or to someone else, try chewing sugar-free chewing gum or consult your dentist in Fort Lauderdale by The Sea regarding artificial saliva.  When you experience this side effect avoid eating citrus foods or boiled sweets as much as possible as they can wreak damage to your mouth and teeth without the presence of saliva in your mouth.  Avoid also using whitening toothpastes in the absence of saliva in the mouth as they tend to weaken the enamel of the teeth because of their abrasive attribute.
  5. If you are they type who easily gets mouth sores or mouth ulcers, buy toothpastes that have no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (or SLS in the label) in them.  SLS seems to trigger reactions in the mouth that result in mouth sores.
  6. Always let the dentist supervise your teeth whitening procedures to prevent any event that may lead to undesired results.    Not all tooth whitening gels are safe to use even if they have undergone very strict quality control during production.  Selecting the right type of tooth whitening product to use and having a qualified professional oversee your teeth whitening procedure are essential factors in getting a much brighter and whiter teeth and smile that you have always longed for.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky is a dentist in Fort Lauderdale. His office accepts emergencies and is equipped with the latest technology to provide a better patient experience. When Dr. Max is not working with patients, or continuing his professional development, he enjoys watching a Marlins game, going to the gym and attending live music events in the South Florida area.

Dr. Max Zaslavsky – who has written posts on Dentist Fort Lauderdale FL – Dr. Max Zaslavsky, DMD.

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