The Important Role of a General Dentist in Dental Health

by Dr. Max Zaslavsky

One can compare a general dentist to a family doctor or a general practitioner in the realm of medicine.  The general dentist often tackles the general and fundamental issues and maintenance dealing with dental and oral care.  The general dentist is the dentist you go to for your gums and teeth examination and care.  In order to observe them better, the general dentist may use x-rays to identify any existing dental or oral problems you may have.

For problems that are more specific and needs specialized care such as crooked or misaligned teeth or gum problems, the general dentist will refer the patient to an orthodontist to straighten out your teeth or a periodontist to treat one’s gum problems.  Most dental clinics have a resident dental hygienist to clean the teeth of their patients while some general dentists do that service themselves.

Dentistry basically espouses preventative measures to maintain oral and dental health.  That is why, it is recommended to have a dental check up and teeth cleaning at least two times a year.  Home care of your teeth is very important but it may not be enough to prevent cavities or other kinds of dental problems from developing.  So having bi-annual check ups and cleaning is a good way to impede the rise of dental problems that can become serious and painful and which often means costly, painful and lengthy dental procedures.

Everyone healthy or otherwise, needs a general dentist to take care of their dental and oral needs.  A general dentist will take stock of your dental and oral health by examining the condition of your teeth and devise a plan which may involve scaling, x-rays, tooth cleanings and examinations.  He/she may use other kinds of diagnostic procedures to maintain the health of the teeth or to repair and treat dental conditions.

Oral and dental health of the patient is the paramount aim of any general dentist.  So your dentist needs to instruct you on how best to achieve and maintain optimal dental and oral health.  If one takes good care of his/her teeth, then the dentist makes the teeth all the more strong, durable and healthy; strength and durability that ought to last a lifetime.

Dental treatment occasionally requires restorative procedures.  A restorative procedure is all about the prevention and avoidance of factors that lead to teeth decay and cavities as well as preventing the rise of disease not only to the teeth but also to the gums, lips and tongue.  Popular forms of restorative procedures include root canal, bonding and dental filling, etc.

The role of a general dentist is more important than that of an orthodontist in many aspects not only of dental health but in one’s overall health as well.

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