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How Weekend Warriors Help My Business and How to Save Your Teeth

Broken Teeth – When Humpty Dumpty Can Be Put Back Together

Wow, talk about a Sunday!!

Here I was in my office catching up on bills and paperwork, when the phone rang. A friend of a friend had been playing flag football and ran face first into another player. His tooth was loose and needed help. His tooth was so loose, I probably could have taken it out with just my fingers. Panic? Not me! I’ve done this before, but my patient had not.

So let’s talk about the weekend warrior. You know who you are. The guy who plays flag football, or the guy who decides to relive his Warped Tour days thinking he’s Tony Hawk and gets on a skateboard; or even the guy who plays a little racquetball at LA Fitness. It’s you who I am talking to.

First of all, don’t stop working out. Be healthy, be happy, and go get some frozen yogurt afterwards.

It’s ok, you deserved the fro-yo……put some Nutella on top of it.

But look, you need to wear a mouth guard. I know I know, the other boys don’t wear guards. But you’re special. Yes you! I’m talking to YOU! Wearing that mouth guard can prevent tooth loss and even a concussion. So I need you to wear it. Preferably a dentist will make you a custom one. Yes, it is more money than the one you get at Sports Authority, but it will fit way better therefore protecting your teeth more efficiently. Also, by custom fitting it, we can make it sports specific. This means we can create a guard to the specific thickness depending on the sport. A boxer needs a mouth guard with a certain protection that’s at a way different thickness than a mixed martial artist. Each sport has its own special needs in thickness. If you are playing racquetball on the weekends, you do not need the same kind of guard as someone who plays ice hockey.

What is that? You don’t need a guard because you aren’t a professional athlete? Yes you are right. It doesn’t stop people from getting the best golf clubs even when they aren’t very good at golf; or the best clothes from Under Armour even when you are not looking like Derek Jeter. The biggest difference between those examples and a guard, is that this will actually protect you from that one silly mistake where it may cost you thousands in dental bills.

Ok, 2nd thing– Don’t get drunk and fall (dedicated to my Theta Xi fraternity brothers from Auburn University).

Need more? Don’t drink a lot of vodka and fall. I know it’s funny when Snooki on Jersey Shore (or on Snooki and J-Wow) falls from being drunk, but it’s really not cool. I had 2 severe dental trauma cases in one week from drunken falls (and it wasn’t even St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo).  At the end of the day we all become adults. It stinks, but drink responsibly. When you fall, and break your 2 front teeth because you passed out from drinking excessively, you need to take a pause and step back a bit. These repairs from broken teeth will have to be done and redone over your lifetime all because of a split second accident. So please drink responsibly, and be around friends who can help you up when you are down for the count.

The youngest you will ever be is today. Live your life to the fullest. Make the most of it. Just be smart.

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