Durable and Aesthetic Dental Fillings for Tooth Restoration

Dr. Max Zaslavsky’s practice, serving Ft. Lauderdale, Oakland Park (ZIP Code 33334), Pompano Beach (ZIP Code 33060), and Coconut Creek (ZIP Code 33073), specializes in high-quality dental fillings. We use durable and aesthetic materials to enhance your smile and protect your teeth.

Need a Dental Filling?

Dental Fillings

Common Reasons for Dental Fillings

Fillings repair teeth affected by decay, cavities, or injury. They restore the tooth's structure and function while preventing further decay.

Our Range of Filling Materials

Our practice offers materials like composite resin, porcelain, and amalgam. We select materials based on the filling’s location, repair needed, and aesthetic preferences, ensuring a natural appearance for our patients.

Ensuring Long-Lasting Dental Fillings

Using quality materials and expert application, we ensure the longevity of your dental fillings. Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene practices help maintain your fillings.

The Dental Filling Procedure Explained

The filling procedure involves removing decay, cleaning the area, and filling it with the chosen material. It's a quick, minimally discomforting process, allowing you to return to daily activities promptly.

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Restore your teeth with expert dental filling services at Dr. Max Zaslavsky’s practice. Serving Ft. Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Pompano Beach, and Coconut Creek, we’re committed to providing durable, aesthetic fillings. Book your appointment today.