Truth is Stranger Than Fiction | Dr. Max Zaslavsky

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction… The Hype And The Truth!

1. Just because you are a dentist on TV doesn’t make you good. It makes you lucky and you met the right people.

2. – Not all silver fillings should be replaced. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. But to take a filling out because you think it will make you healthier will not change who you are. If you are crazy and you think it is because of a silver filling, then you need more than what I can do for you.

3. – Bleaching your teeth will not create root canals nor will it wear away your enamel. Brushing your teeth with lemon juice like Dr. Oz has said, will however create damage. Why? Because IT’S A LEMON AND IT HAS ACID! Furthermore, bleaching your teeth will not change the color of your fillings or crowns. And no, gold crowns will not bleach. They’re gold.

4. – Also, if you come in and want a 1 hour bleaching and you have like 5 teeth left in your mouth, bleaching should not be the priority. Let’s talk about creating a nicer, healthier, smile in other ways.

5. – When I say that you cannot smoke for a week following me taking out your tooth, I mean it! If you think that you putting a piece of gauze over the extraction site, and going out for a puff will somehow protect you, you should join a group of mimes who can also protect you in their imaginary room and imaginary walls.

6. – If I took a tooth out, and I tell you it will take up to 6 weeks to heal, perhaps you should not be giving your partner oral sex during that time since it’s an open wound and you may get a disease if he or she has been cheating on you. There are other holes to use and risk on.

7. – If you are having a newborn, get your teeth fixed. The bacteria that you have from poor hygiene will be transferred to your child. Children get their oral bacteria from parents kissing them and caring for them. Give your kid a chance. Maybe this is a good time to start flossing.