Expert Wisdom Teeth Removal for Your Comfort

Dr. Max Zaslavsky’s Dental Practice in Fort Lauderdale offers expert wisdom teeth removal services, extending our care to residents of Ft. Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Pompano Beach, and Coconut Creek. Our team specializes in making the wisdom teeth removal process as comfortable and safe as possible, expertly addressing pain and preventing potential future dental complications.

Experiencing Wisdom Tooth Discomfort?

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Why Might Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is often necessary for various reasons:

  • Impaction and Pain: Wisdom teeth, or third molars, often require removal if they are impacted or causing discomfort.
  • Preventing Complications: Removal helps in avoiding infection, misalignment of other teeth, and can alleviate crowding or potential damage.

What is the Process for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Our removal process is designed for patient comfort and safety:

  • Consultation and Assessment: Initially, we conduct a thorough assessment of your wisdom teeth.
  • Anesthesia and Technique: The procedure is carried out under anesthesia, using precise techniques to minimize discomfort and hasten recovery.

How to Prepare for Your Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Preparation is key to a smooth experience:

  • Pre-Procedure Guidelines: We provide comprehensive preparation instructions, including dietary recommendations and arrangements for post-procedure care and transportation.

What to Expect After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Post-removal care is crucial for recovery:

  • Managing Discomfort: Some swelling and discomfort post-procedure are normal, managed through our recommended pain management strategies.
  • Recovery Guidelines: Recovery typically involves rest and adhering to a soft food diet for a few days, with detailed aftercare instructions provided.

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